Porsche Rust Repairs

Rust is the number one killer of classic cars. While most mechanical parts can be repaired or re-manufactured, rust in a shell can be cost prohibitive to remove.

The Porsche 911 is an iconic sports car. Despite full galvanising from 1976 onwards, Porsche 911s rust: big time. They rust while you sleep and where you can’t see!

RacingRestorations.com can repair rust and crash damage in any Porsche chassis – from early 356 to the 911 and Boxster. We use a Celette bench/jig to ensure major chassis repairs preserve dimensions and structural integrity, and we can restore anything you’ve got. Contact us for more information.

We also run a menu price body repair schedule on all classic 911s, at prices well below the so-called specialists. This car had been rust repaired at the premises of one early 911 expert. Suffice to say, it wasn’t very good. We repaired it as seen here to a fixed price, ready for paint.

We have two paint shops we use regularly and both are excellent, and not over the top on price. We prefer to concentrate our expertise on metalwork and fabrication, and let the best painters bring your car back to pristine condition.

As with all of our restorations, we work in METAL, not in filler. Give us a call on 01386 555577 or 07941 358833 to find out more.

Here’s a gallery documenting the entire repair process on that side of the car. This one also had rust in the inner wings, bumper mounts on both sides. More Porsche galleries to come.