Allard J2

Note: Racing Restorations designed and manufactured a plethora of equipment for this build, which other organisations have since claimed credit for! We no longer supply parts to other so-called restoration companies who have very little honour. The most important part of our business is trust, so give us a call with any Allard racing requirements and speak directly to the creators.

The Allard Build

Racing Restorations carried out a full rebuild and restoration on the Allard J2 of Albert Otten, from Dusseldorf in Germany. The car had been raced since its early days, with successive owners doing more harm than good in their alterations.

Eventually, the car needed to be rebuilt, if only to take the added weight of unused brackets off it! It had a brand new body in aluminium.

It was a real relief to sort out the scary steering and safety cage arrangements. The client was delighted with the work, ALL of which was carried out here at Racing Restorations and at no other workshop.

We also made a custom aluminium fuel tank for the car – quite a beautiful thing. Fabricating a custom roll cage, fuel tank, exhaust or radiator is normal work for Racing Restorations services.

The car was later clocked at a very confident 183 mph in the 2008 Classic Le Mans. Quite simply, we will not put our name to builds that do not inspire this level of delight in our customers.

Always ask to watch specialists work or to talk to a number of satisfied historic race car customers before you embark on a build like this. It is just too easy to be fleeced by cowboy operators.

Here’s a gallery of some rebuild pictures. Our phone number is 07941 358833.

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