Classic Audi 80 Mechanical Restoration

The classic Audi Quattro Coupe tends to be the first thing one thinks of when discussing Classic Audi, but this Audi 80 2.6 Avant manual was a recent visitor to the Racing Restorations workshops.

Audi estates – known as Avant – have become increasingly sought after in recent years, with the RS2 and RS4 models amongst the most desirable. In the lower registers, original Audi 80s are now at the point where the models are getting rarer and blipping on classic car enthusiasts’ radar screens.

This makes sense. The final evolution of the 80 model – precursor to the A4 – is a particularly good car to drive, with a comfortable driving position and a range of willing engines, tuned for torquey performance. The bodyshells are galvanised, so tend to survive well if given a chance with decent maintenance.

Many of these great cars were lost in the scrappage scheme of 2008/2009, so few (if any) Audi 80 Avants with the turbine-smooth 2.6-litre V6 engine remain. We fitted a clutch and some suspension components including front subframe bushes to this nice 1996 example and set the geometry up for many more fun miles. Great to see the old classics in daily use.