Porsche 924 Turbo Full Respray

This Porsche 924 Turbo recently visited Racing Restorations for a steering system rebuild and full repaint in original Silver Metallic. A left-hand drive car which had lived all of its life in southern Italy, the paint had already been redone once, but quite cheaply, so was now all flaking off.

The Series 1 Porsche 924 Turbo is quite a rare car nowadays, so the owner was keen to keep it looking sharp. As the Porsche market soars, anything rare gets carried along so good paint can also help sell a car quickly should the opportunity arise.

We spent three days taking the bodywork back to bare metal, before preparing it for paint with high quality primers and a tiny amount of filler to take up shallow dents from life in Italy. The car then went to our McLaren approved paint shop, where four coats of silver and three coats of lacquer were applied.

The results are stunning: this car looks as good as new. So good that the owner has scrapped all the old body trim and is now looking for new old stock parts to fit: proverbial needles in haystacks.

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