Eclectic Projects at Racing Restorations

Here’s a photo from our storage unit, showing some of the eclectic taste Racing Restorations is increasingly famous for.

Raceresto 8

On the right is our Dodge Ram SRT-10 pickup, bought damaged from our friend and noted car collector/racer, Dean Butler. We’re repairing this truck for sale once done.

In the foreground is a little Dax Honda monkey bike we picked up for use as pit & paddock transport a while back, which turned out to be too nice to use and abuse.

Seats for the Alfa restoration are shown in the foreground, while behind sits one of our biggest projects to date: restoration of a Renault 5 Turbo 2, returning it to proper LHD French ‘as-built’ spec, following a life of bad love by people unfamiliar with Renault engineering in the UK.

We are classic Renault experts, working with the marque for almost thirty years. Rob Campbell is somewhat obsessed by four wheel-drive Renault 4 models and all Renault 5s.

Ginetta Race Truck Mods

We’ve been doing some work on this race truck for one of our customers who runs a Ginetta race team.

Race truck changes UK Racing Restorations

Previously used by a kart racing squad (luxury travel!), there were a few bits to remanufacture and some interior layout changes to make.

Race truck changes uk 2 racing restorations

We also designed and built a new towbar structure, and made some new locker doors. Came out well.