Classic Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Restoration

We’re getting towards the end of an extensive Alfa Romeo Giulia rebuild at Racing Restorations.

Classic Alfa Romeo Giulia GT restoration 1

This has been a huge job, not least because of work done by many bodgers in the past, taking the chassis dimensions out of kilter. A quick check on relative heights of rear corners showed one side 44mm higher than the other!

Classic Alfa Romeo Giulia GT restoration 2

We’ve taken the corner off and rebuilt the boot floor from scratch. Too many other projects to mention on this car: it’s been a real eye-opener for the owner also.

Raceresto 5

Our pictures show one door being stripped for a replacement door skin. Look at the filler! It will go back together as metal, with no fakery required under the paint.

Ginetta Race Truck Mods

We’ve been doing some work on this race truck for one of our customers who runs a Ginetta race team.

Race truck changes UK Racing Restorations

Previously used by a kart racing squad (luxury travel!), there were a few bits to remanufacture and some interior layout changes to make.

Race truck changes uk 2 racing restorations

We also designed and built a new towbar structure, and made some new locker doors. Came out well.