Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe for sale

NOW SOLD – many thanks for your enquiries

For sale on behalf of a customer: 1988 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera G50 Coupe

Porsche 911 for sale 2

We’ve known this car for a good few years. In 2009, it was restored by Racing Restorations with work including new front wings, kidney bowls, flawless repairs to the sills and some other air-cooled 911 rust hot spots. All the work was photographed.

The Guards Red Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera had a full glass-out respray after the rust repairs and still looks terrific: great testament to the quality of work. SVP Porsche carried out a top-end rebuild on the engine while the 911 was in restoration, and we also stripped, powder-coated and rebuilt the suspension with all new bushes and Bilstein dampers.

Porsche 911 for sale 1

The owner is quite a fastidious chap, so his 911 has all the bits you want to see on a late 3.2 Carrera, including excellent interior trim with electric sunroof, and the desirable factory sports seats: electrically adjustable and trimmed in perforated black leather. It also has rare and sought-after three-point rear seat belts, perfect for junior passengers. The original four-spoke steering wheel is also present and correct.

An original 1980s car phone handset is attached to the centre console as a period nod. It’s no longer functional but looks cool. Spare wheel, compressor and Porsche tool kit are all under the bonnet. All that needs doing to this car is driving it.

Porsche 911 for sale 3

Having inspected a few air-cooled 911s this year for various people, this one stands out. It’s available for inspection here at Racing Restorations: call Robert on 07941 358833 to know more.

Eclectic Projects at Racing Restorations

Here’s a photo from our storage unit, showing some of the eclectic taste Racing Restorations is increasingly famous for.

Raceresto 8

On the right is our Dodge Ram SRT-10 pickup, bought damaged from our friend and noted car collector/racer, Dean Butler. We’re repairing this truck for sale once done.

In the foreground is a little Dax Honda monkey bike we picked up for use as pit & paddock transport a while back, which turned out to be too nice to use and abuse.

Seats for the Alfa restoration are shown in the foreground, while behind sits one of our biggest projects to date: restoration of a Renault 5 Turbo 2, returning it to proper LHD French ‘as-built’ spec, following a life of bad love by people unfamiliar with Renault engineering in the UK.

We are classic Renault experts, working with the marque for almost thirty years. Rob Campbell is somewhat obsessed by four wheel-drive Renault 4 models and all Renault 5s.

Classic Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Restoration

We’re getting towards the end of an extensive Alfa Romeo Giulia rebuild at Racing Restorations.

Classic Alfa Romeo Giulia GT restoration 1

This has been a huge job, not least because of work done by many bodgers in the past, taking the chassis dimensions out of kilter. A quick check on relative heights of rear corners showed one side 44mm higher than the other!

Classic Alfa Romeo Giulia GT restoration 2

We’ve taken the corner off and rebuilt the boot floor from scratch. Too many other projects to mention on this car: it’s been a real eye-opener for the owner also.

Raceresto 5

Our pictures show one door being stripped for a replacement door skin. Look at the filler! It will go back together as metal, with no fakery required under the paint.

Classic 911 Rust Repair at Racing Restorations

Getting deep into rust repair on this Porsche 911 at the minute. It’s a 1974, 2.7-litre car: the second RHD impact bumper 911 ever built by Porsche.

Porsche Rust Repair Racing Restorations UK 1

The client is a UK owner, very keen on early Porsches. Factory colour on this one is Emerald Green which is a really great shade.

Porsche Rust Repair Racing Restorations UK 3

Step 1 is to sandblast the chassis, so we can see what we’re dealing with. It’s not as bad as we’ve seen! Certainly repairable.

Porsche Rust Repair Racing Restorations UK 4

Got a rusty Porsche you need help with? Give Rob a call on 07941 358833 anytime.